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At Chinook Exteriors, we supply, install, maintain and repair the exterior systems that prevent water from entering homes and buildings Our specialty is the installation of high quality soffits, fascias, eavestroughs and Gutter Clean System leaf guards to direct water away from roofs and foundations and provide proper air circulation throughout attic spaces.

We are very proud of our excellent customer service, high quality products and the beautiful results achieved by our skilled craftsmen.

On Any property, the first point of defense in dealing effectively with rapid snowmelt or a rainstorm is the Eavestroughs and Downspouts.

Spring showers can bring heavy amount of water through your eavestroughs and downspouts, rapidly melting snow and ice from your roof create a heavy downpour of water. Since we have seen a lot of freezing and thawing this winter & spring that results in your eavestrough expanding and contracting.

Fast moving water doesn’t freeze as quickly as water that isn’t moving. The water will not move as quickly if you have leaves, sticks or other debris in your eavestrough and downspouts and causes it to freeze faster than it would if your exteriors systems were clean.

It’s important to clean your eavestrough at least twice a year, once in the fall before the winter months, and again before the heavy spring rains. Having clean eavestroughs and downspouts will help to make sure water is being directed away from the foundation and preventing a blockage that can result in a basement flood.

We  are also proud to offer the Gutter Clean System to our clients to keep their eavestroughs free of the leaves and debris that block the water flow and cause overflows, leaks and water damage.


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